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Foreign Coins
San Diego Coin & Bullion is one of Southern California’s leading dealers in rare and collectible foreign or world coins and currency. We are San Diego’s trusted dealer in rare coins and currency. If you're interested in world coins & banknotes, We are a great source for all your questions.

We invite you to come visit us at either of our two San Diego locations, where you are certain to receive our personalized care and attention that you expect.

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Our best advise to collectors is always to collect what you love. Collections can be based on countries, specific metals; or collecting coins of a certain series. If your passion is in collecting world coins and banknotes, we invite you to stop by our newly remodeled showroom in the La Jolla Village to chat in person with people that share your passion!
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Medieval European Coins
Medieval coinages of Europe, with perhaps the exception of those of the Byzantine Empire, do not attract the average American collector. However, in San Diego, the place to visit for Medieval European Coins is San Diego Coin & Bullion, we buy and sell.
Colonial Latin American Coins
Spanish colonists brought the Castilian currency system with them to the New World. This standardized and stabilized the regions currency. San Diego Coin & Bullion is the place to come in San Diego if you are a collector of Colonial Latin America Coins.
18th & 19th Century European Coins
During the 18th century, coins became popular throughout Europe as trading grew. One of the most widely used coins was the Spanish 8-reale. It was often split into pieces or bits to make change. Come by San Diego Coin & Bullion and lets talk.
Foreign Gold Coins
Here are a few Foreign Gold Coins you may wish to include in your collection: Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coins, French 20 Franc Gold Coins, British Gold Sovereigns, Elizabeth 2nd Gold Sovereigns, Austrian 4 Ducat Gold Coins, Austrian 100 Corona Foreign Coin & others..
Modern World Coins
Collecting Modern World Coins is the another great way to add interesting and unique collectible coins to your collection. Shop our ever-expanding selection or stop by and lets chat about them. In San Diego we are the place for Modern World Coins.
World Paper Currency
San Diego Coin & Bullion trades in world paper money and world banknotes. We love to help people improve their collection and share their love. If your in San Diego, feel free to drop by. Your one-stop shopping locale for collectible world banknotes.
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San Diego Coin & Bullion is also an enthusiastic BUYER of rare world coins, currency and precious metals! Platinum! Gold! Silver! No collection is too big or too small. We warmly invite you to bring in your items for our professional evaluation and offer.
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Medieval European coins, with exception of coins from the Byzantine Empire, do not generally attract the average American collector like the more easily understood U.S. series and the European coins of the 19th and 20th centuries. Medieval European coins provide collectors with a greater intellectual challenge, not found in the modern issues, plus their intrinsic historical interest, their distinctive art forms, and their reflections of coinage patterns during the period when the western world, as we know it, was developing. Why so many collectors are intimidated by medieval coins is not easy to explain, but for those collectors who have overcome this phobia, they have found a field far richer than most.

There are two major denominations of Spanish colonials: reales for silver coins and escudos for gold coins. American folk tales are full of mysterious references to gold doubloons and pieces of eight. The Spanish colonial escudos are the doubloons, and the reales are the pieces. In fact, the US monetary system has roots in Spanish reales, with 8 reales equivalent to one dollar, 4 reales to 50 cents, 2 reales 25 cents (two bits), one real 10 cents, and half real 5 cents.

Of the 18th and 19th century European coins, Pounds, shillings and pence were the basic currency of Britain throughout this period having a consistent relationship of 12 pence to the shilling and 20 shillings to the pound. Guineas, with a value of 21 shillings (this value could change depending on the quality of the coinage in use), marks (13 shillings, 4 pence), nobles (6 shillings, 8 pence), crowns (5 shillings), half crowns (2 shillings, 6 pence); and coins worth 6 pence, 3 pence, 2 pence, halfpence and farthings (one quarter of a penny).

Growing interest in both Chinese and Asian coins & currency, both ancient and modern, has begun to spread worldwide, putting high demand on these Chinese and Asian collectible coins and paper money. With rapidly rising incomes, the people of China are jumping into their numismatic heritage. Increased interest in Asian numismatics has resulted in increasing prices for both the new Panda coins and the historical issues of China's 5,000-year-old civilization. Chinese coins have a fascinating and detailed history spanning thousands of years. The rich history of dynasties can be tracked over time in the evolution of early China's coinage and can be seen celebrated in the People's Republic of China's modern issues today.

Whether you are looking for euro coins, bi-metallic coins, silver coins, gold coins, coin sets or just world coins in general San Diego Coin & Bullion is the place to start. If you are looking to add to your current collection, or are just starting to collect, you will find a nice selection of foreign and world coins here at good prices. Join the growing group of collectors world-wide who are collecting world coins today.

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